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KingsBridge Collections can manage the complex activity of contracting furnishing projects for the niche luxury market, supplying exclusive furniture, furnishings and decoration on a turnkey basis.We have built up a solid productive know-how and we guarantee flawless quality products at the best prices. We give warranty for the Project products supplied for a period which is contractually agreed for every single project.

KingsBridge Project products are not Store catalogue products, but they respond to a widespread demand of the high-top end contract sector for top quality furnishing.

We can realize your piece of furniture from scratch in every colour you want. Professional European craftsmen make all our furniture in Europe. Depending on the customer’s wishes we can realize project within a short period of time.Would you like to see and know more about our Project Concept Collection? Mail: sales@kingsbridgecollections.com and we will send you additional information .

Hospitality & Style

As a professional partner we deliver top quality, experience and functionality. KingsBridge has been a trustworthy supplier offering a varied, high-end, international furniture collection. KingsBridge likes to be a trendsetter. We have in depth knowledge of the market, follow trends carefully and share our ideas and knowledge with our customers. 

Kingsbridge Collections
The Netherlands
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